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I Ching is an ancient practice that is mostly based on the subject of change. While its origins date back to some of the Chinese cultural history that’s thousands of years old, the inspiration from this book can be found in a number of different disciplines today.

I Ching is one of the ancient classics of Confucianism. In a way it is heavily based in philosophy and using some of its practices it possible to dispel some of the myths and mysteries throughout life and in relationships. Understanding how we changes human beings and embracing the way that we view the world and our relationships is a big part of what this discipline covers.

In many cases we as humans can get caught up in our lifestyle and forget to ask the right questions for the path that we are on. Taking a philosophical approach and finally tapping into a living stream of human wisdom that’s thousands of years old can help you to start having definitive answers for your own path.

I Ching is something that has been developed through generations and it is a practice that has guided empires throughout time. This practice and its teachings have been discarded by many modern mystics but a number still follow its practices.

Applying I Ching practices in consultation can lead to improvements to modern life and this 5000-year-old discipline in philosophy can be especially powerful when the symbolic formulas can be arranged correctly and then correctly interpreted for the best answer. Our application uses the principles of modernist I Ching to help create and solve these formulas, putting people on the right path through consultation. The in app cleromancy can finally help to put you on the right path to success in your lifestyle. Asking the right questions and developing a new approach to help to remove the clouds of noise that we commonly feel in busy modern life today.

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